Miracles Of Magical Fragrances!

“Fragrance is the key to unleash the mysteries locked up in that magical maze in your head.”

Fragrances have become an important part of one's lifestyle may it be the perfume they put on to create the best first impression or may it be the scented candles that made your date with the girl next door more romantic or may it be aromatherapy to let off the steam.

Life gives you lemons to make a lemonade, but along with that comes running, stress, anxiety, workload, insomnia, and the need for immense energy levels. All these problems can be solved with one solution. Fill your room with a soothing fragrance and voila. Your chance to press pause, step back, take a breath and relax. Everything seems better with a good smell around you. It's really fascinating how smell can have such a huge impact on life. That's the reason behind the success of aromatherapy and scented candles.

There are so many different fragrances in the world to choose from. Floral like lavender, jasmine, and rose for stress relief, earthy like cedar wood and sandalwood to calm down in the times of anxiety and stay grounded, citrus-like lemons and oranges to get energized for a productive day, fruity like strawberry or mangos to get you into a better mood, exotic like coffee, vanilla, chocolate cause why not? and so many more. We have a fragrance for every occasion.

A good fragrance can make all the difference. It can make you happy in a flick of a second., turn your Zen mode on with a click of a finger and make you sleep, and take you to la-la land in a swish of a wand.

Scented candles are the best way to enjoy the fragrances to the fullest. The soy-wax candles ingested with essential oils can fill the room with your favorite fragrance just by lighting the wick. It gives you the right lighting for relaxation time or for an authentic photoshoot along with all the numerous benefits the fragrances have to give to you. The soy wax candles along with being eco-friendly it also burns longer, gives you a clean toxin-free burn, and when you are done with your scented candle you can always use the container in creative ways. Use it as a pencil holder, use it for collecting beads and coins, storing your accessories, or hey, maybe make your own candle!

If you want all this but don't have the energy to make a candle, then we are the perfect stop for you. Cup of nostalgia is here to make your life easier, better, and cozier than ever. We have a wide range of fragrances and perfect blends for you to choose from. Moreover, our authentic candles are handmade with soy wax and loads of love that come in a cute multipurpose container with a wooden cork. You can lay in your bed, in your PJs, cooped up in those warm blankets, catching up with all those Netflix shows, let off some steam and we will make sure that the candle of your choice arrives at your doorstep.

So that was a little about the mystical wonders of fragrances.

Until next time.

Keep loving yourself and spread love.

Manaswini Velidi

Team CON!



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