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cup of nostalgia

Flower shop | hyggelig candle

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the story behind the making

Stepping into the flower garden always gives us bliss, doesn't it? We'd we could always live in that garden surrounded by the smell of all those flowers. Every time we pass by a flower shop, all we can think is buying all the flowers in the shop and arranging them in the house just so we could relive that moment we had in the garden. Welly, you can do that or you can just buy our candle that can give you the same feeling. We give you the FLOWER SHOP scented candle. Now make your space more lively with the fragrance of fresh red roses right from the garden.

All about the aroma

The flower shop gives the perfect fragrance that is a blend of Rose, peach, and cherry blossom. This floral and fruity blend will build up a calming environment for you in just minutes giving you the peace you have been earning for. It can also mask up that bad odour from your roommates' shoes or any other odor for that case The rose fragrance in the candle can make the perfect weather for a dinner date. Peach adds an exotic touch to the candle.

All about the candle

Our hyggelig candles are perfect

They are room-filling

They have a burn time of 24 to 40 hrs

The wicks are made of cotton

They are toxin and chemical-free.

21cm in height and 9cm diameter

And, they come in these pretty little containers, with a wooden lid.For a perfect elegant look.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Akshita Tiwari

This has a fruity floral fragrance profile which somehow transports you back to childhood!!

M Misra

Beautiful scent and packaging! Thanks Cup of Nostalgia!❤️