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Trip Down The Memory Lane With Just A Little Fragrance

Sitting on the window sill, with a cup of coffee in one hand and Pride and Prejudice in another, reading it for the umpteenth time sounds like the perfect day. A little whiff of that old book and a thousand memories come back rushing to you. The memories of the time when you first laid your hands on the book. The twinkle in your eyes when you opened the book for the first time. The smile on your face as you read the line, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of wife.", for the very first time. The smell of coffee reminds you of the uncountable book dates you had at your favorite little cafe. The times you were smiling to yourself as you read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the 127986th time and sip at your hot coffee. All the times you lost track at that very cafe as you read John Green's books with tears in your eyes.


All these memories just from a little whiff! It’s amazing how the world works.


But Why does that happen?

Well I'm not gonna bore you with all the medical talk but let's just say the sense of smell has a direct VIP route to the emotional and memory centers of the brain. Hence the regions of the brain that manages emotions, memory, and smell are a little intertwined. When a few people live under the same roof they form a strong bond. The same is with the emotions, memories and scents. They form a strong bond. That's the reason why memories are triggered by scents and fragrances more than any other sense.


A fragrance has the power to bring back the memory of a person, a place, or a situation. Sometimes even emotions. You might not exactly remember what happened but you are sure something happened. You can feel the emotion, just like Deja vu. This is called the Proust effect.

Fragrances are magical.


But why am I talking about all this?

Because I care for you and so every time I write a blog, I keep searching for the hidden secrets for your eternal happiness!

Too dramatic?

But it's true and this time I found this.


A fragrance can give you happiness. Let me explain!

So, as I said, a fragrance can bring back memories and emotions. So fragrances can bring back happy memories and positive emotions, right? It’s true guys. Aromachology is a study of the psychological impact of smell on your brain. So according to research in aromachology , certain fragrances can have a positive impact on your brain. Like,

The smell of lemon or any other citrus fragrances can make you feel energized and make you alert, making your day more productive. The smell of lemon can reduce anxiety and put you at ease and that's why you are asked to sniff at a lemon while traveling if you are motion sick. Lemon is a necessity when you are traveling in India. I guess the desi people can relate to this.

The smell of flowers as of lavender can help you relax and put you at ease.

The earthy smells like that of sandalwood or cedar wood can heighten your spirits and give you courage.

The smell of your favorite food or any food in that case like vanilla ice cream, freshly baked choco-chip cookies, or coffee can make you feel comfortable and turn around your mood.

The smell of your papa's cologne can give a sense of security.

The scent of your mom's perfume or the smell of her cooking can make you feel loved.

The smell of your favorite person's perfume can put you at ease.

It seems that the soldiers who fought in World War ll carried handkerchiefs with them which had their loved one's perfume sprayed on them. Every time they felt low, they took a sniff at the handkerchief and instantly felt high-spirited.


Fragrances can have a positive impact on life, that's the reason scented candles have become so popular nowadays. If you feel low, all you got to do is light up a scented candle and experience the bliss. Moreover, you have so many options for every occasion, you can find the perfect fit for you according to your taste and style. If you need any help choosing your scented candle you can always check out the old blogs. We have got the whole process down for you guys. Check out the wide range of handmade soy wax scented candles available at Cup of Nostalgia made with perfectly blended fragrances and a gallon of love.


So next time you feel at a loss of happiness, all you gotta do is light a wick and see the magical unravel.


Until next time.


Keep loving yourself and spread love.



Manaswini Velidi

Team CON

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