Diaries and Journals- A Voyage to Serenity

Diaries and Journals- A Voyage to Serenity

It's so amazing ,how much a thing as simple as paper can do . It's like a superhero in disguise, with pen for a weapon and custom made costumes, who comes to your rescue every time you need help. From notebooks to jot down your everyday class notes, to diaries to take in all your thoughts and worries and give you calm, peace and joy. They are like your own little knights in shinning armor.


Everyone of you , have had a point in your life when you just have too many thoughts running in your mind , jamming the lanes , keeping you up all night and stressing you out. Here comes your little knight. Take the diary you like the most, choose your favourite pen and start jotting down all the thoughts from every nook and corner of your mind. Everything you think or feel just write it down and let your mind endure the peace and calm. It will not only give you peace but also help you keep a track of your thoughts and memories . Just like dumbledore's pensieve (potter-head alert) . So pour your thoughts from your mind into the diary and examine them at your leisure. Voilà! Say good bye to stressful nights and get your zen mode on. Now the only thing keeping you up at night will be those endless Netflix series or the reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S !!!


During a sound sleep, did you ever have a dream too good to be true that you never wanted it to endThen dream journaling is the thing for you. Writing down your dreams will not only let you remember the good ones,  but also will help you have lucid dreams, where you will be aware of dreaming ,  so you will have more control over the characters, events and places in your dream. I mean, how cool is that? Your mind is a beautiful thing. It never stops seeking inspiration, not even when you are sleeping. Dream journaling will help you track down those inspirations so you won't miss them.


Everyone should have a bucket list to add that extra oomph to your life. And why not? You are worth spending your money on that beautiful dress you like so much, or go to that trip you always wanted to go on with your friends, or that solo trip to the ocean you wanted to take. Self love is the truest form of love and you totally deserve it. That's why you need a bucket list. It could be anything , something as small as a midnight ice cream ( guilty of striking it out a way too many times) or something as big as going to the Poles to look at the Northern Lights. The happiness of striking out things from the bucket-list is beyond everything. Always keep a notepad and pen handy, because you never know when inspiration to adventure will strike. Taking care of yourself and loving yourself is the most important thing of all. Don't let anyone say otherwise.


Everyone has the big dream or the ultimate goal. But what helps you through the way to reach them is baby steps. First of all, write a letter to your future self. What ever you wanna tell the future self, just pen it down and keep the letter safe. Make a vision board of the ultimate goal. Now take a planner and write down the baby steps for the day which will take you closer to the goal. At the end of the day, when you have achieved the goals for the day, you can treat yourself with that cheesy pizza you have been waiting for or that death by chocolate that you live for, or that book you have been waiting to buy. This way, you can just dance your way to your goal. Now when you go back to the letter your younger version wrote, you will know that you made them proud.  

So, dream big and stress little cause you only live once folks!

-Manaswini Velidi

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