Books - the mightiest shield against the demons in you!

Books - the mightiest shield against the demons in you!

You don't need a time machine to travel back in time. You don't need a wormhole or an elaborate scheme sketched by Christopher Nolan (God bless his brains and imagination) to escape reality and enter a new dimension. All you need is a good book, a windowsill and a cup of coffee. Open your book and fasten your seat belts cause you are in for a wild ride into a magical world and the best part is, you get to choose your destination. It could be a love story from the 1980s or the war between the great Greek gods or a sci-fi thriller in space. It could be the future or it could be just a peaceful world where you go for some self-development.
Some people might ask what's the point of reading if it's not helping you to get good grades. Let me tell you why: 

First of all, reading gives you good vocabulary and communication skills which can help you in everything right from your job interviews to your daily interactions or just to make friends.

Reading books can teach you to look at a person, at a situation, at the whole world through a different perspective.

It can help you find solutions, that you never thought of, for problems, you could never resolve.

It can teach you life lessons that you would someday be thankful for. ( PS: I'm not talking just about the self-help books. I have personally learned a lot from Harry Potter and The Alchemist).

It helps you relieve stress and attain peace and calm. It can help you shut down your mind and experience the zen life. If the pen is the mightiest sword then the book is the mightiest shield and together you can fight all the demons underneath that Alec Benjamin talks about!

Books are full of knowledge and you won't need to cram them at all.

A single line in a book can motivate you so much that your life can take a turn! I, to date, keep visiting back 'The Alchemist' by Paula Coelho, because that book has been one of the biggest motivators in my life. The dedication of the character... Okay, I am not gonna give you any spoilers.

Stories written by other people or stories about other people, or the life lessons given by other people can inspire you a lot. I was inspired after reading 'Looking for Alaska" by the author of the famous book 'The Fault In Our Stars'John Green. I found a new meaning in life.


Now you might say and I quote, "I can't get my lazy self to get up and go through my class notes, how do you expect me to step up and read a book?". That's the beauty of a book. It will entice you. If you are still worried, don't be, because I have got you covered.

There are 3 steps to reading:
  1. A good book ( obviously)
  2. A great place to read
  3. A little motivation



First of all, you need a good book.

If you are somewhat acquainted with the world of books, then you can choose a book by yourself. Any book that you love.

But if not, you can just go through the internet and choose good books from the genre that entices you the most. For me, it's fantasy (the blog heading says everything✨), and let me tell you, I fell in love with Percy Jackson the instant I laid my eyes on it. But again, I also love romance, sci-fi, non-fiction, and so on

You can choose your favorite genre. You can also ask your friends or other people for a good book recommendation. Make a list of all the books you are interested in.



After you find your book, you gotta find a good place.

All you need is a quiet peaceful place with no distractions. You can sit on the balcony of the 64th floor or just that of the ground floor. Any balcony works. You can also sit on the rooftop or in your room with a few fairy lights, or simply wherever you like will work just fine. If you ask me, the windowsill with a few fluffy pillows is the best place to read a book with a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, my windowsill opens into my neighbor's wall. (Welcome to India. We love living cozily✨). You can also put on a little music in the background or light up some scented hyggelig candles. They will help you concentrate and attain peace. Try our wide range of best homemade soy wax hyggelig candles. We have got the best and most unique fragrances out there. I'd recommend, Shangrila mini candle if you are into the fruity scents and a strong peachy fragrance. If you are into flowery scents, then you will love Jasmine mini candle. If you are reading the enchanted genre go for the April Showers. The rose fragrance is perfect for the occasion. The mini size makes the candle cuter. If you are a coffee lover too, I'd like to give you a hi-fi first and then ask you to try the Coffee Bean candle. It's just Yum! If you are stressed out a lot in work or studies, then I'd recommend, Stress Relief candle. The eucalyptus and mint will help you relax and the lavender will make a peaceful environment to read the book. One-shot, two birds.



A little motivation.

Set some goals. Set a goal to finish certain books this year or this month. Fix a little time every day to reading. Reading can also help you get some sleep. So all you insomniacs out there, desperate to sleep, this is for you. It works, trust me, cause it does for me but again I am an insomniac on purpose. (can't help it. Being a full-time doctor and a part-time writer asks for it 😂)

Give an active reading. Highlight the important quotes or lines that inspired you.  Bookmark the important pages that motivated you. Trust me, it will make a difference.

Carry the book wherever you go. You never know when the inspiration to read will hit you.

You can also get a reading buddy. You can join a club, or randomly meet a stranger who would love to read with you or you can just force your best friend into it. I mean what are best friends for?

You can also use some cute little things that will remind you to read. Like, write it down on your to-do list, or your goals board or put on an acrylic pin or a keychain to your bag that can remind you about the books. Our acrylic pins and keychains say “Powered by books”. They are the cutest things. You will love them.

While all this might feel very exciting, you should also know when to stop. Do not stress yourself out to finish what you planned to. If you stress out, there is no point. You started reading to attain peace and learn new things. Stressing out will only demotivate you.

Once you enter the world of books, there is no going back cause you wouldn't want to. After all who doesn't love a little magic?

So, welcome to this world, you are gonna love it!

Keep loving yourself.

Until next time

Manaswini Velidi

Team CON 


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