4 Essentials For The Perfect Workstation!

4 Essentials For The Perfect Workstation!

Sitting in a corner with your books or your laptop is not gonna get you through. There are various elements that show an impact on your efficiency and concentration.  So it's important that you have all the essentials you need to work productively. You need the perfect environment that will help you focus on work. A workstation would be perfect if you want some work done. It's easy to make a workstation. All you need is a desk, a few essentials, and a touch of creativity and you are good to go.


The Right desk

First of all, you need a desk to work on. This would be your workstation and when you are at your table, all you would be thinking about is work which will help you focus on it. The choice of desk depends on your taste. Whatever you think would be comfortable for you. Nowadays the adjustable desk has become quite famous. Long hours of sitting leading to inactivity is not good for health and hence with an adjustable desk, you can adjust the height of the desk so you can stand while working too. This way you won't be inactive for too long. You can go for anything but a work desk is a must.


The right place for your workstation

You need to choose the right place to set up your workstation. You can choose a corner of your room and make it the working corner. You can choose a window with a great view so that amidst the hectic work you can relax just by looking out the window. Not to mention the cool breeze that would be a perfect touch up to the perfect view. So choose to your taste


Stationery stash

To get the work done you need to have the right supplies. If you need to make notes, then you might need some quality notebooks whether they be pin bound or wire but with the perfect cover design that can keep you motivated. You would need some notepads. You can use them for anything whether it be your to-do list, things to remember, appointments, or important dates. It's better to have a notepad or you might end up writing them down on someone's neck just like Phoebe. Click here and take a look at the stationery products here at Cup of nostalgia. You wouldn't want to miss them for the world.

"I have too many pens.", said no one ever. So you can go on a spending spree for any kind of stationery and get stationery high.  Organize them on the desk so that they are handy when you need them.


Decorate your workstation

You should always decorate your workstation. Why? Because, when you decorate it to your liking, you wouldn't ever want to leave the desk and hence would increase your productivity. You can use anything to decorate the workstation. You can put up some posters above the desk that would motivate you. They can be medical posters or lyrics from your favorite tunes or your favorite motivational quotes. You can put up some paintings that you can look at and relax. You can put up a little whiteboard You can write your goals down on the board or you can pin up some pictures with a magnet or just write cute little things. You can set up a lamp. Extra lighting would lessen the strain on your eyes.  You can arrange some of your favourite books on the table with the help of bookends so that when exhausted, you can read them to refresh your mind and build up some mental energy. You can also put up a scented candle of your choice which will help you focus on work. We here at Cup Of Nostalgia have the best scented candles online with a wide range of varieties. Click here to look them up.


When you have your personal workstation that is set up according to your taste and liking, your heart would want to live there forever and your mind will be motivated to work harder. So try setting up a workstation for yourself and you will see the difference.


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Love yourself and spread some love


Manaswini Velidi

Team CON

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