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The mystic one | 2022 planner

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Looking earnestly at the brightly lit dark sky, the amateur astronomer in you paves a way to reach up and touch those beautiful constellations mapped by the brightest stars in the universe.

Let the stars light up your way in the dark so you can shoot for your dreams with our THE MYSTIC ONE 2022 PLANNER.


• High quality, 120 gsm ultra soft papers,

• Back pockets

• Vision board

• Weekly and Monthly planners

• Lunar calendar

• Moon trackers

• Calendar for celestial events

• Self care techniques

• Meditation techniques

• Playlists, movies, and book trackers

• Amazing recipes

• Hand painted illustrations

• Creative photographs.

• Beautiful quotes and thoughts encrypted

• Affirmation columns

• Bookmark tag

And so much more tucked away in these planners just for you.

Get your planner today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I absolutely loved the planner. It’s so apt. And I love the self care page and recipe page the most. Love the fact that there is something to read and follow in that planner. It’s just not me who’s writing there. Also, I never forget to take a look at the moons of 2022 page. I’m a selenophile and everytime I go through that page , I’m like ohh I will get to see this moon today and it feels good. Totally worth the purchase.❤️❤️

Varsha Priyadarshini

The mystic one | 2022 planner

naveen singh
Mindfully designed and Quite Useful

Can't describe how beautifully it s designed.

Shaji Sachin

The mystic one | 2022 planner

Using It As A Daily Journal

I was drawn to this planner for the creative aspects. With the ample spacing on the pages I decided to use it as a daily journal instead. I tend to write a good few pages whenever I journal which is why I used to end up skipping it, but the amount of space allotted to each day is perfect for me to jot down the highlights without the pressure!
I am enjoying the self-care techniques and the recipes, and the pages for reflection at the start of the week. Basically, using almost all parts of the planner as intended except for the actual space allotted to planning itself!
Anyway yeah the amount of work that has gone into making this planner so great is working for me - in less than a month I have started seeing it as a safe space, almost, and that's fun.
Also, I thoroughly enjoy moon-centric themes so I absolutely adore the lunar calendar!