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cup of nostalgia

Spring bliss | 2022 planner

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All through autumn, leaves fall and the flowers wither, crumbling under the foot, day and night but the timber doesn't lose hope as it patiently waits for the cold winds of March when it can bloom again with the bliss of spring.

That's how life works. Seal your shedded tears with our SPRING BLISS 2022 planner cause your time to bloom will come soon.


• High quality, 120 gsm ultra soft papers,

• Back pockets

• Vision board

• Weekly and Monthly planners

• Lunar calendar

• Moon trackers

• Calendar for celestial events

• Self care techniques

• Meditation techniques

• Playlists, movies, and book trackers

• Amazing recipes

• Hand painted illustrations

• Creative photographs.

• Beautiful quotes and thoughts encrypted

• Affirmation columns

• Bookmark tags

And so much more tucked away in these planners just for you.

Get your planner today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Karishma p
amazing ✨

amazing diary.. especially yur efforts 🥺🥺✨

Shubhra M

It is an excellent planner. Super useful and aesthetic at the same time

spring bliss planner

I have no words to explain the amount of effort you have put in this planner.. you made it a perfect aesthetic and the details made me awestruck 😍 your efforts👏🏻

Samyuktha Nanduri

Loved it!

Suruchi sundriyal

The planner is so beautiful, it pushes you. I only wish there was more space for books to be read this year