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cup of nostalgia

Protect your energy! | scented candle

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Story behind the making:

The world we live in today is full of chaos. It takes a lot to find the good things in this chaos. And to do that you need to invest in yourself before you can help others. Protect your energy within you, before you stretch it out for the whole world cause you come first. Promoting the concept of prioritising one's self, we added a new star to our ' One of its kind' collection.

" Protect your energy"

All about the aroma:

This candle has a unique blended fragrance, bringing together chamomile, musk, and lavender.

Lavender helps you relax in times of intense stress and anxiety. Its calming scent can put you in a better mood and help you attain peace.

Chamomile also lends a hand in relieving anxiety, gives you a sense of calm, and helps to improve sleep.

Woodsy scents like musk help you stay grounded and at the same time set up a calming mood.

All about the candle:

Our handmade candles are made for aesthetic living.

They are room-filling.

Made with the finest premium fragrance oils.

Made from soy wax and other natural waxes making it toxin and chemical-free.

The wicks are made of cotton.

8.5cm in height and 7cm in diameter with a burn time of 7-10 hours.

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