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cup of nostalgia

New orleans | mystic candle

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New Orleans

The story behind the making

Craving for a vibrant life? Looking for an endless festive mood with louder than ever music? Want all this along with a touch of fangs and blood? Then New Orleans is your go-to place. The little happy fun place, with festivals all around and an everlasting nightlife. Aah! Wouldn't that be great? But for some of us, it's just a dream and so we went ahead and made a candle that gives all those vibes right at home. We give you the NEW ORLEANS mystic candle. It's mysterious, it's fun, it's crazy, it's all you ever wanted.

All about the Aroma

Sandalwood, vanilla, and musk. That's exotic and earthy at the same time. While vanilla helps us to turn our mood around and help boost it, musk and sandalwood are sure to keep us courageous in times of need and keep us grounded in case of anxiety.

All about the candle

 • Our Mystic candles are perfect.

•They are room-filling.

•They have a burn time of 24 to 40 hrs

The wicks are made of cotton.

•They are toxin and chemical-free.

And, they come in these pretty little transparent containers, with a gold lid for a perfect elegant look.

21 cms in height, 9 cm in diameter

Customer Reviews

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Priyanka Patil

Candle is amazing in fragrance profile and scent distribution, one star less just because in my candle the wick was not in the centre which resulted in candle not burning equally in all directions.