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Morning latte l hyggelig candle

Morning latte l hyggelig candle

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Morning latte

The story behind the making

The smell of coffee early in the morning is the only thing that can drag you out of your bed( also, your mom's " disappointed in my lazy child " tone😂). The aroma of coffee instantly fills you up with energy. Those 15 to 20 minutes that we spend drinking a morning latte feels like heaven. But once you are done with the coffee, you start missing the aroma. There are so many of us right now wishing if they could get one more sniff of that morning coffee. We feel you and that's why we made our own morning latte. You can't drink it but it will surround you with the aroma of a morning latte anytime you want. Introducing the MORNING LATTE scented candle.

All about the aroma

The candle gives out a blended fragrance of coffee, vanilla, and caramel. This candle will be perfect for all those coffee lovers who don't want to brew a fresh pot of coffee. It's the perfect way to get all energized. It will help you get out of the sleepy mode and switch to work mode in an instant. The vanilla fragrance will make you feel uplifted. It helps you relax when you are stressed out. This would be a perfect candle for some me-time.

All about the candle

Our hyggelig candles are perfect

They are room-filling

They have a burn time of 24 to 40 hrs

The wicks are made of cotton

They are toxin and chemical-free.

21cm in height and 9cm diameter

And, they come in these pretty little containers, with a wooden lid.For a perfect elegant look.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Akshita Tiwari
Warm hug

The fragrance is perfect balance of coffee and sweetness, almost giving a warm hug when lit. This is my most favourite fragrance out of all the scented candle options. Stop doubting whether to buy or not and give it a go already!!

Gerlyn Braganza
Freshness all around

The moment I lit the candle there was a sense of freshness and I instantly felt so energised . It just made my room feel so beautiful. Looking forward to getting more of these 😊