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cup of nostalgia

Moon calendar 2022

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The most beautiful celestial body that lifts up the tides and brightens up the dark sky can also influence our time.

The moon calendar has been doing its magic right from the stone age to the 21st century. People all around the world still use the moon calendar to date important events whether it be festivals in different religions and cultures or to keep track of things in one's personal life.

With this calendar, you can keep track of different phases of the moon. The energy that radiates from the moon varies during different phases and so does its effect on life.

The New moon, perfect for self-analysis and reflection.

The half-moon, the time for self love and healing.

Waxing Gibbous moon, the phase of patience.

The Full moon, your time to shine in the darkest times.

And so on.

Make living more pure and celestial with our new Moon calendar.

10 × 15 inches
300gsm sheet
Gold foil aesthetic

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