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cup of nostalgia

iced latte l hyggelig candle

iced latte l hyggelig candle

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The story behind the making

We all need our dose of coffee. Though it's ideal to take your espresso hot, some of us prefer it to be cold. We are different or should I say unique! But really, what's not to like. Espresso with ice under that hot sun. Thinking about it is enough to feel refreshing. Now imagine the smell of iced latte all day, every day. Imagine how refreshing would that be. You guessed it right, we blended the perfect fragrances, to serve you the best-iced latte on a platter. We give you, ICED LATTE scented candle. Now get the same "ice latte" refreshment without even moving an inch. All you gotta do is light that cotton wick!


All about the aroma

This candle has everything heavenly. The fragrance of coffee, peppermint, and the universal favorite, vanilla ( of course, besides coffee). The peppermint in the candle will give you all the freshness in the world. And when paired up with coffee and vanilla, it will energize you. It will take you from 0 energy levels to hyperactive in a snap. It will uplift your spirits and get you ready for a productive day. ( Say no to procrastination).


All about the candle

Our hyggelig candles are perfect

They are room-filling

They have a burn time of 24 to 40 hrs

The wicks are made of cotton

They are toxin and chemical-free.

10cm in height and 6cm diameter

And, they come in these pretty little containers, with a wooden lid.For a perfect elegant look.


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Atul Sukumar

iced latte l hyggelig candle