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cup of nostalgia

I love you endlessly | candle

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Story behind the making:

When someone talks about love, it's always about having a significant other, going on dates, making cheesy pick-up lines for each other, doing everything for their significant other, laying their life on the line, and just drama straight from a Rom-Com. But no one talks about loving yourself, putting yourself first, appreciating your mind, body, and soul, making yourself happy, doing something for yourself, and being at peace with yourself.

With this idea in mind, this February we wanted to celebrate love by spreading the message of self-love.

All about aroma :

The blend of calming musk and memorable velvet rose perfectly resembles self-love.
The musk fragrance helps to calm your mind and balance your emotions giving you more space to appreciate yourself. It helps you relieve stress and anxiety.
What is love without a dash of red and roses? The velvet rose is known for its memorable scent. A scent that will remind you to love yourself from time to time.

All about the candle:

Our handmade candles are made for aesthetic living.

They are room-filling.

Made with the finest premium fragrance oils.

Made from soy and other natural waxes making it toxin and chemical-free.

The wicks are made of cotton.

8.5cm in height and 7cm in diameter with a burn time of 48-52 hours


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