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fresh linen l hyggelig candle

fresh linen l hyggelig candle

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The story behind the making

When it comes to linen shopping, there are two different kinds of people. The dedicated, and totally professional shoppers whose sole purpose is to buy the best outfit. Then comes people like us, who go to those linen shops cause the smell of fresh linen is incredible. That fragrance that hits you as soon as you enter the shop. Oh my God! Too bad we cannot just get up, go to a linen shop, and set camp with Netflix and popcorn in the comfiest pajamas. Sitting in a corner of our room, craving for just one more sniff of that intoxicating fresh linen scent, we started spinning the wheels in our head, and just like that, the bulb in our brain lit up. Why not make a scented candle that can give the fragrance of fresh linen. And we did. We present the FRESH LINEN. The name of the candle says everything. Now you don't need to dress up and go out. You can enjoy that smell of fresh linen right in your comfy zone, in the most comfortable PJs ever.

All about the aroma:

This candle has a perfectly blended fragrance of different floral scents.

It has the fragrances of lavender, lily, and jasmine. I mean, that mix screams freshness.

The floral fragrance candles are the most commonly preferred because they are multitaskers. They will help you calm down, mask any bad odors, help in tuning up your mood, and they are the best candles for a romantic candlelight dinner. Gives the perfect aroma and perfect lighting.

All about the candle

Our hyggelig candles are perfect

They are room-filling

They have a burn time of 24 to 40 hrs

The wicks are made of cotton

They are toxin and chemical-free.

10cm in height and 6cmdiameter

And, they come in these pretty little containers, with a wooden lid.For a perfect elegant look

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