black forest mini candles
black forest mini candles

cup of nostalgia

black forest l mini candles

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  • made with creamy all vegan soy wax
  • infused with essential oils
  • cotton wicks
  • reusable glass containers with aesthetic golden caps
  • fragrance notes : sandal wood, base note, deep woody, rich, balsamic, soft and sweet
  • 100 grams of buttery soy wax candle
  • burn time : 5 to 8 hours
  • dimensions: 6.5 cm length , 5.5 cm diameter
  • benefits of sandal wood aroma:
  1. calms the mind and eliminates worry by relaxing central nervous system
  2. powerful aid in meditation
  3. increasing amounts of NREM sleep pattern
  4. eases anxiety symptoms
  5. reduces wakefulness and hence relaxes the mind and heart