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cup of nostalgia

April showers l hyggelig candle

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The story behind the making

Imagine this. You have been working at the office for 12hrs straight, preparing for a big meeting and at the same time trying to satisfy your boss who is compulsively a perfectionist Or you have been going on rounds to look at the same 30 patients 5 times a day, with different professors and just when you sit to take a breath, you are called of to the emergency. After all this, you go home too tired to even walk and the smell of roses and mint hit you . Your roommate slashe best friend who knows how hard you worked,  lights up the whole room with scented candles . Refreshing and relaxing. She asks you to relax and fresh up in a candlelit bath and takes care of all the chores of the day. Would you wish for anything better than that?  We bet you can't.

Times like these are why we make these carefully structured candles. We present the APRIL SHOWERS scented candle. Now make your day a little bit better with our candle.

All about the aroma

This beautifully structured candle has the fragrances of eucalyptus, mint, and the most beautiful red roses. This perfect blend of fragrances will help you wash off all the stress and turn your mood from gloomy to glamour. Whether it be a relaxing time with your best friend, date night with loved ones, or a movie date with Netflix. This candle will be the perfect candle for the occasion.

All about the candle

Our hyggelig candles are perfect

They are room-filling

They have a burn time of 32-48 hours

The wicks are made of cotton

They are toxin and chemical-free.

10cm in height and 6cm diameter

And, they come in these pretty little containers, with a wooden lid.For a perfect elegant look.