What is it YOU really want?

What is it YOU really want?


What do you want for you? Just for you?
This question is from the movie, "What's eating Gilbert Grape".

This quarantine had us questioning a lot of things, especially how you spend your time. To be productive and do things because this time isn't coming back or just relax because this time isn't coming back. A paradox you can say.

The answer Gilbert said was, "I want to be a good person."

So ask yourself the same question? What would you like for yourself? If you get an answer that's great! Because there are many wandering souls out there who have to still figure it out. And if you are still wandering, then that's fine too. As long as you stay true to yourself, not forgetting your roots, what makes you tick, and what you are doing to make yourself realise happiness or your purpose is you are along the right path. It should rather be your own path because there

is no one right path for everyone. We have stuff that hasn't worked out for us. It has shaped us to an extent, not necessarily for good but learn to accept it. Just as you have stuff that was not merely an uphill task and it brought you to your knees, realise there are others who have to overcome their own hills.

To be productive, post pandemic :

You need two things - your willpower and your willpower. That's it folks. You need to want to do something so badly, nothing will be able to stop you.

To take time off and just be there :

There is no harm. Everyone needs to rest. If you think it's good for you, you need to wind down. Take a deep breath and let go of everything that's troubling you.

These are trying times and one should do whatever feels right. People may pull you down, or put you high up on a pedestal but who gave them that power? Wasn't it you? If you can give someone else that much power; to let them emotionally change you; why not yourself? Take it into your hands and say, "I want this for myself. I want to be true in what I stand for and believe in." 💫

- Niki🍂

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