The Butterfly Hug

The Butterfly Hug

When people pass comments about the followers or about what you are doing and you get to know about it, it really hurts. Especially when you are trying out something new and you are willing to take a chance. But as always content matters the most.

If you ever find someone who is criticising you for something they haven't tried before, I suggest you take a deep breath and tell yourself - "You are doing a good job." Even if no one else tells it to you, keep telling it to yourself. Recently I have been reading about dealing with trauma survivors and there is a technique called 'Butterfly Hug'. You wrap your hands one over the other and hug yourself. Be there for yourself even when no one else is present. There are people who will unconditionally support you but the number who will criticise you outweigh them. As it goes, those who matter don't care and those you don't care, don't matter. When we start something new, we find immense enthusiasm to do it and there will be others who are willing to help you but as time passes only you are left with the commitment of seeing it through. The passion you have will not be reflected in others and it will have fizzled out. Don't take it to heart and keep going. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if it is already night time when you reach the end, there is the moon sometimes and even the stars twinkling at you.

May this short message find you in good spirits. Look for those who will stick by your side like our stickers and willing to hear you out like our diaries. Trust in the magic of new beginnings!


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