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Hyggelig Candles - A scoop of warmth and a ladle full of happiness.

A cute little stick of wax and wick, melting down to push away the darkness in your life like a warrior.  There was a time when candles were just a mere source of light or used to tell time. Look at it now, from candles to scented candles, it grew up so fast. Wherever you go, you see these candles. May it be a romantic evening with the loved ones, some me-time after a long hard day at work, time to focus on work, just nostalgia, just a bad day, or maybe you just need good lighting for great photos. You find candles everywhere. You NEED candles everywhere.

Smell and scents are very powerful. More than we think. The part of the brain that deals with the smells also deals with the memories and emotions. So the scent around you can influence the way you think and feel. Weird but true!

The real world sucks and so everybody has a bad day. Whether your boss screamed at his highest pitch at you for nothing, or whether your best friend turned out to be the knife stabbed in your back, or whether your bother stole the last piece of your chocolate bar that you have been saving for yourself. Everyone has a bad day. Here is where our little scented wax men come into play. The scented candles can help you spring your mood from 0 to 100 just like that. The scent in the candles increases serotonin and dopamine in your body. That's all you need to get that beautiful smile on your face and the groove on your hips to do your happy dance. Fruity candles are the best for your daily dose of serotonin. Psst...I will let you in on a secret. The best place to buy scented candles online is Cup Of Nostalgia. We have a unique collection of handmade candles. Moreover, what makes it better, is that we make our candles with soy wax. Soy wax candles are natural, toxin-free, biodegradable, and light longer than paraffin wax candles. A little for us and a little for the environment. My personal favorite is the Cherry Bomb and Mango Sunset. The cherry bomb is this fusion of strawberry, vanilla, and cherry blossom. And don’t even get me started on mango sunset. It's mango, vanilla, and coconut. I mean, YUM!!

Not only that, but scented candles also help you focus when your mind longs to wander around the world or when your lazy self wants to procrastinate again, the scented candles will energize you. It's like your personal Red bull. It doesn't give you wings though. Citrus candles are the best candles for this occasion. You should try the Sunkissed OrangeIt has orange, vanilla, sandalwood and everything good.

Thanks to the Romans for making the date nights more magical for us. I mean, after all, they put the Roman in romance. Or is it just a coincidence? Either way, they started making candles and today the dinner date just turned into an enchanted fairytale.  They give a cozy, warm, cuddly feeling. One good thing about the lockdown is, every night is a dinner date with the loved ones, and so the candles are being sold right and left. I don't have much expertise in this area but I'd recommend the April Showers.  The components, red rose and mint, in this candle screams nothing but love.

It also helps you sleep peacefully during those sleepless nights before the big exam or after the worst heartbreak or during a series of nightmares. Try the Japanese Mantra. The best spell for a night of sound sleep.

Choosing a scented candle is an art.

There is a huge list of scents you can choose from and you must choose the right one according to the occasion. Woody scents for peace after looking at all the chaos in the world, sweet and spicy or floral scents for a warm cozy feeling at your movie date night with your loved ones, exotic scents for comfort during your me-time, earthly scents for balance and strength when you feel weak, fruity scents for a moody day and citrus scents for all the focus you need at work or in your study room.

Next, you need to select the candle based on the size of your room. Strong scents could be too much for a small room. The light scents will work best here.

You need to find your scent, like with perfumes. It could be floral-like our Fresh Linen with lavender, Lilly, and jasmine or it could be woody like our Old Books which has sandalwood, cedar wood, cinnamon, apple, and musk or it could be something in middle like our Ice-cream Cake candle which has vanilla, chocolate, coconut, and cinnamon. Or it could also be a mix and match of scents like our Flower shop which has rose, peach, and cherry blossom. It's fruity and floral.

The woman behind " Cup Of Nostalgia", Dr.Tejaswi Rentachintala is our Chandler. Not just because she's funny, can offer sarcasm instead of advice, and goes " whoopa" when she is super excited, but because she is the brains behind this huge collection of beautiful, handmade scented soy candles at Cup Of Nostalgia. She’s our own chandler 🤎✨. Now you can be one too. Just be funny, hate Thanksgiving, and fall in love with your Monica. You can leave the candle-making to us. Check out the collection of our bestselling scented hyggelig candles here!

-Manaswini Velidi

Team CON

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