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Himalayan Pink Salt- more than just salt!

Okay, so I guess all the indie people can relate to me when I say that, every frustrated Indian ends up saying, " I'd rather go to the Himalayas!" at least once in their life.

Do you know why? Because the Himalayas are the most peaceful place known to mankind. The beautiful nature, the white pure ice, and the sounds of the cold wind can bring you peace and calm. But going to the Himalayas means leaving behind so much more. Thanks to Alexander the great's horse who licked the Himalayan pink salt leading to its discovery, today we are able to enjoy the peace and calm found among the peaks of the Himalayan range right in the middle of our living room. The Himalayan salt has picked a huge craze and is now available in various forms one of which is the Himalayan salt candle holder.

Himalayan salt candle holders are being used all over the world because of its amazing benefits and because lighting a candle and placing it in the Himalayan salt holder gives the surroundings a cozy yet authentic look.

Literal “chota packet bada dhamaka!”

You might wonder how a Himalayan salt holder and a little candle can have a major effect. Guys, there is a whole science behind it. So the candle inside the holder when lit heats up the salt and as a result, the Himalayan salt releases negative ions. They might be negative ions but they tend to have a positive effect on the body. How you ask? So the positive ions suck up all the energy from our body. That's when the negative ions from the Himalayan salt come into action and re-energize our mind and body. Isn't it cool?

Cleanses your aura just like Phoebe

Nowadays, the air outside is filled with pollutants and toxins. These pollutants and toxins sneak up into our house through little nooks and corners and end up polluting the air in the home too. Even though the air inside isn't as bad as the outside air, it is bad nevertheless and so the air needs to be purified. The Himalayan salt holders will be perfect for the task. The Himalayan salt on being heated by the candle attracts the pollutants and cleanses the air. Moreover, when salt takes in the pollutants, it releases water vapors making the environment good and fresh.

Your personal health caretaker.

The Himalayan salt has also been proved helpful in a lot of health issues. They can help YOU breathe better as they clean the air. Simultaneously they also prevent any allergic reaction to pollens, dust, etc. as they purify the air. The Himalayan salt has been proved to be good for the skin also. It also helps in improving sleep and setting your sleep cycle right. So to all the members of the owl club, here's your ticket to a night of sound sleep.

No wonder Himalayan salt has caught the eyes of so many people around the globe.

Why spending thousands of bucks on a trip to the Himalayas in search of peace and calm when you can get it right in your room. Of course, a trip to the Himalayas with your friends or family would be great but, if it is to get away from the frustrations in life then don't.  Get yourself a Himalayan salt candle holder from Cup of Nostalgia before Khaby Lame tells you to do so with a TikTok. 😂

Until next time.

Love yourself and keep spreading love.


Manaswini Velidi

Team CON.

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