Don't let your soul Wither, Make it Bloom!

Don't let your soul Wither, Make it Bloom!

The physical health of a person keeps their body fit enough to work but the mental health of a person is what keeps their soul alive. Hence keeping your mental health in check is very important. Positive mental health will help you bring out your full potential. It will help you cope up with any kind of stress in life. It will help you in making your day productive.

Pushing away people, sleeplessness, feeling helpless or hopeless, confused, forgetful, etc., all are signs that indicate that your mental health is being affected and you need to make some changes in life. Minor changes can help you turn your life around like

- Get professional help. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands.

- Don't push people away. Keep them around. Communicate with them. Talk about your thoughts and feelings.

-Accept who you are and love yourself for what you are. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

- Do what your heart wants. Do what makes you happy. Write, paint, sing, dance, jump around, play, or anything that makes you happy.

- write down your thoughts. Pen them down in a journal. These notes will be helpful for you to track your progress in life.

- start a diary. Write your goals down and try to work hard to achieve them. One day when you look back at these pages, you can feel proud that you are doing so much better now.

-Get off the bed and go for a run, go to the gym, just dance off to your favorite music or just kick the ball around with your friends.

- Get a dog or any pet for that. Dogs are the best buddies you can have to turn your mood around. Being with pets can give you immense emotional relief. Looking after a pet can give you a purpose to live. Dogs tend to form a very strong bond with their owners and vice versa. (Just look at John Wick and his dog Daisy. *crying for the umpteenth time*). Adopt a dog and get yourself some happiness.

- Try to stay calm in the chaos. Meditate with a hyggelig candle lit in your space. The fragrance combined with meditation can help you calm down.

- Get enough sleep. Read a book before going to bed, or light a scented candle. Kick that insomnia out and have a peaceful sleep.


Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trust issues. These are not just some high-end fancy words straight out of the dictionary. These are someone's feelings. Someone's reason to give up. Someone’s cause to lose hope. Someone's invisible binds pulling them down a spiral. These are some things that need to be addressed.

This is the 21st century. People are in the modern times but only physically because our mindsets are still trapped in the stone age. In an era of great advances and development in every imaginable aspect of life, there is also an increased harmful impact on the mental health of an individual. May it be due to stress to achieve greatness or to cope up with the world. May it be due to complicated relationships or having none in the first place. May it be due to the dilemma of being different or being ill-treated different. But today these people whose mental health is affected are unable to step up and call out for help because if they do, they are labeled. Labeled as "attention seekers", "show off", "fake", " another high-end fancy kid." and so on while all they are trying is to get is just some help to get rid of those painful chains tied around them, dragging them into the darkness. These are the times that ask for that open-mindedness that a 21st-century man should be having. All you have to do is hold their hand while they fight their own struggles. Give them the words of courage they need to be brave enough to not give up. Encourage them to seek help.

The world is not perfect nor is it kind but it could get a little better when we have each other.

And to all those people who are suffering-

In those difficult times when no one is around, remember that you are enough and you can do it on your own. It would be hard without a cheerleader on the sidelines but can you still finish that race. Don't give up and never stop believing in yourself.

Until next time

Keep loving yourself and spread love.


Manaswini Velidi

Team CON

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