Importance Of Writing

What are the benefits of writing regularly?
It's become well recognised amongst psychologists that just a few minutes handwriting a day can be an effective way of helping you unwind, making it the perfect preparation for any meditation and an excellent way to unleash your creativity and innermost feelings. When you write it contributes to feelings of wellbeing – it can alleviate mental and physical stress and clarify thoughts. Keeping a regular diary or journal for example can help fight the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Handwriting is a great workout for your brain - numerous studies have shown that writing by hand makes use of areas of the brain involved in language, thinking and working memory. It helps your brain remember key facts and information by organising your thoughts and focussing the mind. As it’s a slower and more deliberate process than using a laptop or tablet, the very act of writing - by using multiple pen strokes to form letters - allows the brain to process and retain the thoughts and ideas being committed to paper.

Some tips on how to make it a habit!
•Find and set aside a regular time each day to write in your journal that you know you can commit to.
•Take at least 5 minutes every day to write down your thoughts
Focus on the here and now. If your mind starts to drift onto other thoughts, gently bring your attention back to what is happening now.
•Bring your heart into your writing, not just your mind, to help your words hold more substance.
•To achieve a zen-like state, completely immerse yourself in your writing. Find a quiet spot and take yourself away from any distractions, such as your phone, tablet or PC.
•Give your mind, and anything you write, full freedom. Write everything down first and edit later.
•Relax and collect your thoughts. Then write them all down in a personal manner that is easy to remember and refer to at a later stage.
•Get into the habit of compiling a daily to-do list. Jot down the tasks that need doing and as you work through, update your list by ticking them off the list. Prioritise new ones for the following day – this will help you get a better night’s sleep.