6 Things Your Planners Can Do For You!

Have you ever found yourself buying random things while surfing through internet just because you found them cute?

Now put a hand on your heart and tell me how many times you were determined to start a planner just because you found an irresistible cute planner online and bought it. Well, for me, it’s always. Thank you to all those planner designers for making such beautiful planners. Thanks to you guys I maintain a planner every day and my life has been so much better.

Did you ever wonder how much impact a planner can have on your life?


Manage your time


Did you ever felt like you have been working all day and still couldn't complete everything you wanted to? When you plan things in your mind, you tend to forget them. But if you write down a schedule in your planner, you will never be able to forget it cause how can you when the schedule is right there in front of your eyes. This way you can manage time and save up some time for some mindful tea that will bring you calm in the chaos.


Record your progress


It's hard to keep going on when you have no idea how far you have come. You might feel demotivated. But if you record your daily progress in work or studies in a planner it will show you the progress you have been making. Any kind of improvement will give you the zeal to work harder and keep you high-spirited.


Possible stressbuster.


When your thoughts are tangled up in your mind, it gives you nothing but stress. Penning them down in a planner will help you untangle your thoughts so that you never stress again. Stay stress with a planner.


Get more done


No one can go wrong with a plan. When you get your things planned and do it accordingly. You can get more done in less time. A planner will help you follow your plan and get things done.


Learn something new.


You should never stop learning new things until you cannot. May it be playing the guitar, or dancing, or doing tricks with a yoyo. You should always learn something new. A planner will help you get your work done on time so that you can have free up some time for you to learn something fun.


Forget me not


With a planner, you can never forget important things. From your appointments to meetings. From important birthdays to anniversaries. From your to-do list to your wishlist. You can remember everything and anything.


So, I recommend strongly a planner, a shot of caffeine, and a ladle full of self-love to live life to the fullest.


Until next time.


Keep loving yourself and spread some love.



Manaswini Velidi

Team CON

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