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10 Ways To Use Those Magical Little Diaries!

You are laying in your bed in your most comfortable PJs, scrolling down Instagram and suddenly you come across these cute diaries. The next thing you know, a few days later, there is a knock on your door. You start jumping up and down because you know what it is.  You open the door and a wide beaming smile creeps onto your face as your eyes land on that cute little parcel that holds the key to your heart. Very carefully you rip off the package, smile while you look at the thank you card, and run to your room as your ears try to numb themselves to all the things your mom had to say about you recklessly spending money on these cute things. You open your cupboard and place the new diary on the already existing stack of cute and authentic diaries. As you look at the diaries proudly you start thinking back to what your mom said. Maybe you are addicted to diaries but hey, it's not your fault.  The smell of new books, the crisp sound of the new pages, and the beautiful covers of these diaries are irresistible. Maybe it's high time you put your diaries to some use. You start thinking about what to do with all of them given that you already have a daily diary. Don't worry, we have got you covered.

Here are 10 ways to use your diaries

1) Late Night Inspiration

It's said that inspiration hits you in the most unexpected way at the most unexpected time. A little diary by your pillow would be perfect to pen down all those great ideas that come to you in the middle of the night. May it be an idea for a new blog, a new addition to your wish list, or just a random thought you need to remember.

2) Drawing Memories

Memories are very precious. They can bring you all the happiness in the world. Writing them down would be great. But what if you draw them in a diary. Draw those beautiful mountains you saw in Manali on your last vacation, the waves in the ocean on that sunny day you went to the beach with your gang, the full moon that you watched with your people standing on that beautiful bridge, or that the beautiful views from the solo trek you went on. You can also add a little note on the side. Looking at those drawings will take you back to those places. Relive the experience.

3) Good Things About Yourself

Self-love is very important. Every day before you go to bed, write one thing you loved about yourself today in a diary. May it be you helping out a stranger, your passion for work, your great sense of humor, or something you achieved. At the end of the year, you will have not 1 or 2 but 365 things that you love about yourself and are proud of. Whenever you feel your confidence fading just turn back the pages and you will know you are worth it. Boost your confidence back.


4) Dream Diary

During a night full of sound sleep, did you ever have a dream too good to be true that you never wanted it to end? Then dream journaling is the thing for you. Writing down your dreams will not only let you remember the good ones but also will help you have lucid dreams, where you will be aware of dreaming, so you will have more control over the characters, events, and places in your dream. I mean, how cool is that? Your mind is a beautiful thing. It never stops seeking inspiration, not even when you are sleeping. Dream journaling will help you track down those inspirations so you won't miss them.


5) Event Planning

Is it that time of the year when your friends are getting married back to back? Then grab your diary because you have got loads of planning to do. The bachelorette, the Mehndi, the sangeet and whatnot. A diary would be perfect to keep track of things right from the food menu to the dress code to the guest list. Not just weddings, may it be a surprise birthday party or a congratulation for the promotion party or just a party for no reason because why not, a planning diary will always be at your service.

6) Recipe Book

Craving for a chocolate donut but couldn't get one? That restaurant with the best paneer butter masala is closed again? The baker in the only cafe with mouth-watering cinnamon rolls in on leave? And you are too lazy to google the best and easiest video to make them? Well, this is when your recipe diary comes in handy. Note down all the recipes for your favorite dishes in a diary. So the next time you have a craving, all you gotta do is bring out the diary, put on some music, and get cooking.

7) Make Your Own Wish List

Do you experience it too? You come across a book or a series or a movie and make a note to yourself to get to it later but then you forget about it? I know I have missed so many shows and books like that. But don't worry we have got a trick. Keep a diary handy, always. Make different wish lists for movies, books, and series. You can also sort them into categories like thrillers, rom-com, fantasy, etc. It will make it easier to select THE movies for the occasion. Whenever you come across a show or a book or a movie you like just note them down in the diary. So the next time, you are bored, look into the diary. I am pretty sure you will never be out of things to watch or read!

8) Storing Memories

Storing memories is the best way to reflect on your past and experience the goodness. The best way to save memories is through photos. Photo albums are good but why not get a little creative. Next time you click good pictures and polaroids, stick them in a diary and write a little about those moments. So when you open the diary a few years later, you can feel the goodness all over again.

9) Habit Tracker

We are all very passionate to improve our life, make changes for the good, and live life to the fullest. We make plans to work out every day or write every day or practice those notes on the guitar every day but our lazy side somehow persuades us to procrastinate. Fikar not, because we have got THE solution for the problem. Make a habit tracker in a diary. Write down your daily plans in a diary. Note down your progress daily. Make entries into the diary every day and soon your lazy side will learn to live by your rules. Say no to procrastination.

10) Save Your Writings

Trust me, you never get inspiration to write, when you actually need to write something. You always seem to have writer's block. Inspirations hit you at times unknown. So whenever inspiration hits you, note it down in a diary. May it be a line you can use in a poem or a whole poem, a good idea for your next blog, a storyline for your book, or a new plan for your study schedule. Just jot it down, you never know when these things will come in handy.

These were 10 creative ways, but there are a lot more ways to put those cute diaries to use so get creative and do not forget to check our authentic collection of diaries here at Cup Of Nostalgia. I bet you won't be able to stop yourself from getting one for yourself.

Until next time.

Keep loving yourself and spread love.


Manaswini Velidi

Team CON

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